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TEDxTuesdays: Insights from... The TED Talk Whisperer (19dec23)

Published 5 months ago • 3 min read

A NEW YEAR + APPROACH: Decoding the Real Challenge Behind Your TEDx Dreams.

I know last year was going to be different — better, impactful, even career-defining.

You knew that a successful TEDx Talk could be part of that change.

In fact, one of your New Year resolutions was to share your “idea worth spreading” with the world!

And you did more than just dream. You took action:

✔ You bought the book.

✔ Signed up for an online course.

✔ Clicked over to to learn more.

But things stalled...

The book, Talk Like TED... is still uncracked.

That much-advertised TEDx training... just expired.

How can you change all THAT from happening this year??

First up, you need to face two realities:

FALSE FEAR. America’s #1 fear — public speaking — isn’t the problem. Sure nerves are a thing, but any competent TED coach can help you turn that into a catalyst of focused energy.

You need to go beneath the surface layer:

What is driving those nerves?

What’s really going on down there?

STORY LOOP. Your real challenge is the negative story playing loudly on repeat in your mind...

I’m not smart enough.

My idea isn’t BIG enough.

My career track isn’t impressive.

I will be criticized, ridiculed, and rejected.

Those TED speakers all know more than me.

Who am I to think about changing the world???

I say STOP.


(I’ve got your back.)

You are worthy of a TEDx talk. So too, will be your idea — worthy — when you take center stage.

It is time to rework that internal narrative — change that negative story loop into one that affirms the potential of you and your talk. (8 tips for jettisoning Imposter Syndrome are here.)

I know this to be true, from personal experience. One of my most accomplished clients — a Harvard researcher who delivered a 45-million view talk — was doubting himself too.

But guess what? On game day, he was confidently standing center stage with focused energy. He delivered his idea worth spreading — and it has literally changed the world for the better!

Remember, success on a TED stage is not about eradicating nervousness; it's about transforming it into a catalyst.

Your deeper, bigger challenge is to embrace the truth that your voice and ideas hold immense value — worthy of TED.

Trust me, your 2024 can be different — better, impactful, even career-defining!

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DEVIN D. MARKS is known as The TED Talk Whisperer. His firm, CONNECT to COMPEL, has served 100s of TED, TEDx, and TED-Style speakers. The result: 100s of millions of views. His team helps leaders, just like you, catalyze ideas.

You can reach Devin at 617.804.6020, or DM him here.

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TEDxTuesdays, a weekly-ish 'zine about TED-style messaging.

From... The TED Talk Whisperer, DEVIN

I help niche execs, experts and authors master the TED stage and "short talk" messaging style. (TEDx clients enjoying views in the many, Many, MANY millions.) LET THE WORLD LIVE YOUR MESSAGE!™ #tedtalks #tedx #tedstyle #publicspeaking #speechwriting #pitches #presentations #messaging #branding #publicrelations #events #conferences

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