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TEDxTuesdays: Insights from... The TED Talk Whisperer (14may24)

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3 COMMON TED TALK no-No-NOs. (And what to do about them.)

Gearing up for a TEDx Talk? Before you take the stage, beware of these three common pitfalls that can derail your presentation.


Your book thesis isn’t a TED topic. And not all ideas are really “spread-ready” or spread-worthy. Don’t assume the next step is focusing on scriptwriting and rehearsals. That idea likely needs a 2nd look.

→ There’s a proven and powerful framework for bringing discipline to an idea. Don’t just riff things to explaining it. Find the big idea (really) worth spreading via the TED-style “BIG Idea Mill.” (Helpful training link here.)


Months of rigorous rehearsals distinguish the gap between a “Mhhheh” and Dancing With The Stars delivery — and then there’s the Cirque du Soleil wow. That’s your goal.

→ Keynotes or virtual summits should get about one hour of prep time per minute. For hopeful TEDsters a ten hours per minute pace is a starting point. (Helpful tips here.)


A penetrating TED Talk is akin to summiting Mt. Everest. It takes discipline, preparation, special equipment, and a sherpa-like guide.

→ Look for a guide who has been up and down that mountain numerous times; whose clients master Cirque du Soleil-like deliveries; and whose portfolio of views hits multiple 7-figures. (Helpful article here.)

Sadly, these 3 no-No-NOs are missed, dismissed, or ignored again and again and again on TEDx stages.

(Thankfully you know better.)

With diligence, preparation, and the right support, you'll be ready to inspire and captivate in your center stage moment!

DEVIN D. MARKS is known as The TED Talk Whisperer. His firm, CONNECT to COMPEL, has served 100s of TED, TEDx, and TED-Style speakers. The result: 100s of millions of views. His team helps leaders, just like you, catalyze ideas.

Let the world LIVE your message!™

You can reach Devin at 617.804.6020, or DM him here.

Podcast Moments.

video preview

Recently I joined Kim Thompson-Pinder of the Author to Authority Podcast. It was a great back-and-forth about the travails and triumphs of book signing roadshows and more.

Ep.504. TED-Styled Practices For Authors!

Our conversation can be found here (YouTube ver).

Short TEDster Insights

Here's a quick video that unpacks what TED-style roadshow presentations, author signing events, and keynotes share in common:

What Defines a TED-Style Communication?

video preview

Become a TED-Level Presenter!

When you're ready to take center stage (or center screen), let me know. Whether you're working on a TED Talk or a commencement address; an all-hands preso, or a keynote, you will want to be:

[ ✔] 5Fold-Focused
(5 factors here)
[ ✔] Story-Wrapped
(3 factors here)
[ ✔] Action-Igniting
(7 factors here)

Those 3 priorities are what make the Marks Messaging Method so very, very connecting and compelling.

To begin a conversation, click here:

Let the world LIVE your message!™

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TEDxTuesdays, a weekly-ish 'zine about TED-style messaging.

From... The TED Talk Whisperer, DEVIN

I help niche execs, experts and authors master the TED stage and "short talk" messaging style. (TEDx clients enjoying views in the many, Many, MANY millions.) LET THE WORLD LIVE YOUR MESSAGE!™ #tedtalks #tedx #tedstyle #publicspeaking #speechwriting #pitches #presentations #messaging #branding #publicrelations #events #conferences

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